Gubug Makan Mang Engking – Dari Desa untuk Indonesia

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Menu makanan khas, dengan cita rasa yang hanya bisa dinikmati di Mang Engking Solo.

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Paket Menu untuk makan bersama keluarga besar dan sahabat.

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Mang Engking Solo

Adalah sebuah rumah makan yang bernuansa alam pedesaan di tengah-tengah hiruk pikuknya kota. Konsep tata ruang dan bangunan berupa gubug atau saung yang mampu menghadirkan lingkungan yang sejuk alami. Sembari meniikmati cita rasa masakan resep orisinil warisan leluhur negeri Parahyangan.

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Google Review
  • review rating 5  niceplace for refreshing n destressing🙏🏼

    thumb diana imama
  • review rating 4  Good atmosfer for family, nice food. Need to improve the service though. But overall it's fine.

    thumb Frandi Dwi
  • review rating 4  Nice ambiance and food. Enjoy!

    thumb Maria Natalia
  • review rating 4  A very good one-stop family restaurant, with an artificial-lake (reservoir) view in the middle of the area. It provides plenty of bungalow (called gubug) surrounding it, which is a very nice and cozy place for both eating and enjoying quality times with your colleagues or families. This place also offers the common dining tables in case you don't wish for the bungalow (though you really shouldn't, I'd say 😁). There's also small fountains for hand-washing, toilets, and Mushalla (a small Mosque). The food itself is decent. Dominated mostly by seafoods type. Though the taste is just okay for me. Not very special, but isn't bad either.

    thumb Arvell Skynative
  • review rating 5  The restaurant has a small lake at the center and many gazebo around it. It will be such a good place to have lunch or dinner with family and friends. I went there with my little girl who is one year old. I feel scary when she moves around because the gazebo isn't child friendly so that I need to pay more attention on her. While waiting for the food be served, we can feed the fish. We can't feed them with our food, but we can buy food for fish there with only 2k IDR. The price is quite expensive for me. Hahaha. We spend around 160.000 IDR for 1 portion gurame, kangkung, rice, sunny side egg, and two ice tea.

    thumb your hijabs fashion store

Gubug Makan Mang Engking Solo

Jl.A Yani Km.07 Kartosura, Sukoharjo Solo, Indonesia
(Depan R.S Islam Yarsis)
Telp 0271-734 158, HP 0821 3768 4807